Hello! My 13-year-old son has been trying to learn to play the fife. We had purchased a maple fife from a sutler, and my son's frustration with it led me to do some research, where I discovered that the fife we bought wasn't really a good choice.

Now we're looking at getting a fife from www.beafifer.com, but we're not really sure which of the Model F fifes would be best. On the website it says that the 'Grenadilla wood with long brass ferrules' is the most popular among CW reenactors. It also says that 'Cocobolo wood with long brass ferrules' fifes were played during the CW and ever since.

We're not sure which fife would be a better choice. Does anyone have a recommendation on either of these fifes? Any good/bad experiences? It's a chunk of change, so we want to be sure and make a good choice.

Thank you!