I am sure at one point this topic has been discussed, but I have only been able to locate bits and pieces of what I am looking for.

I know that the regulations called for a frock coat and dark blue trousers with a gold stripe. My question is would an Assistant Surgeon be wearing that in field with the troops? I know that members have commented that there were surgeons with the troops out in the battlefield. Would a sack coat with straps on it be suitable for the field? Then regarding the sack coat, would be enlisted or an officer's pattern?

In regards to the straps, was the MS script regulation or something that was more of an embellishment? I was thinking of adding a pair of unadorned straps to a sack coat for my field impression while saving the frock for more formal occasions.

As always, opinions and information is greatly appreciated.

John Ferrannini
Asst Surgeon, 67th NYSV