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    I have a knowledgeable comrade, a forum moderator on another site and Cavalry expert who is currently perusing the Second Volume of The Unfinished Fight, it is roughly the same length as the first. I slightly reorganized both the first volume and second for the sake of coherency, putting the "home front and civilian" material together rather than intermingled.

    About that, this was an editorial decision (to intermingle) early on in the project, but re-visiting the subject matter it is not clear to me why I thought that was important, or how some subjects were relegated to the "appendices" rather than included with the other material where it fit or belonged. All I can say is sometimes I wonder about myself...and the older I get the better I used to be. Bottom line, if Vol II passes muster I will probably go ahead and submit it for publication and see it through in short order rather than holding it back for later in the year. This is largely because the first run of Volume I sold out, and will result in a nice battlefield preservation donation going to STRI and CWPT by the end of February. A new revised run of Volume I is in the works which will compliment Vol II in terms of format. Even taken together, the two volumes by no means exhaust the subject matter of Confederate material culture but they make a decent collection of essays on a variety of topics. Roughly 440 pages, en toto.


    3 Chapter One English Accoutrements
    7 Chapter Two US 1841 “Mississippi Rifle”
    13 Chapter Three Confederate Sutlers
    17 Chapter Four The Enfield at First Manassas
    23 Chapter Five Western CS Soldier with Musket
    27 Chapter Six The “Jeff Davis” Hat
    31 Chapter Seven Adams Revolver
    35 Chapter Eight Remington Revolver
    39 Chapter Nine Entertainment in Camp: Winter Quarters
    43 Chapter Ten Wade Hampton
    49 Chapter Eleven Pharmaceuticals and Alternative Treatments
    57 Chapter Twelve Men’s Hair Styles
    63 Chapter Thirteen Concerning Butter
    67 Chapter Fourteen Two CS Images
    81 Chapter Fifteen Tea and Tea Substitutes
    85 Chapter Sixteen Shad Fishing
    89 Chapter Seventeen Snuff and Tobacco
    95 Chapter Eighteen 19th Century Southern Breakfast
    99 Chapter Nineteen Blockade Runners
    111 Chapter Twenty ParlorGuitar and Musical Material Culture
    117 Chapter Twenty-one Cartridge Making at Government Arsenal
    124 Chapter Twenty-two Talking the Talk
    133 Chapter Twenty-three The Perfect Mint Julep

    137 Chapter Twenty-four Confederate Straw-foot
    141 Chapter Twenty-five CS Artillery
    155 Chapter Twenty-six Marksmen

    APPENDICES on US Civil War Material Culture
    159 Appendix One Infantry Use of Revolver
    165 Appendix Two Two Birmingham Gun-makers
    173 Appendix Three Invoice for Haversack, Slings and Accoutrements
    175 Appendix Four Brother Jonathan
    177 Appendix Five Bloodshed & Prosperity
    191 Appendix Six Coffee
    195 Appendix Seven Tin Can
    201 Appendix Eight Early Civil War Contract Arms
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