Progressive Brigade for BGA 150th GettysburgJune 27-30, 2013
We are currently creating a brigade for any “C/P/H” Federal Living Historians who wish to attend the BGA 150th Gettysburg event. The commander will be ROB Murray of the Western Brigade.

Our objective is to draw out every shred of history possible from the larger event – and then to add more. We aim to recreate a functioning brigade. Be ready for hard service, hard fighting and hard crackers. Prepare to portray a mid-1863 United States fighting man.

While plans are being completed, our current planned elements for the Progressive Brigade are:

• Rations at the brigade level by Joe Caridi
• Logistical support at the brigade level by Bill Birney
• Two distinct impressions across the 3-day event
o Iron Brigade is secured as the first impression
o Impression for the final portion of the event announced soon
• Marching and Movements during the event in Full Marching Order
• Sleeping ‘on arms’ in the field where appropriate

We are exploring options for other elements and will announce them when necessary planning is complete and required approvals are secured.

Anyone looking for or interested in raising a company, contact:

Will Eichler, 1st Battalion -
Portraying 24th Michigan during Iron Brigade scenario

Pete Berezuk, 2nd Battalion -
Portraying 19th Indiana during Iron Brigade scenario

Anyone interested in raising a battalion, please contact Rob Murray for requirements and other information.

Many of us, as individuals and groups, decided to avoid the 150th Gettysburg. Please reconsider! We have our own brigade with top-notch men involved in the conception, organization and execution of a living history event not to be missed. Want history? You have our cordial invitation to join us in our endeavor.

Do Not Register Through the Event Website. Registration will commence when we have determined the details of rations and support requirements. We will have a website up shortly.

Thank you.
Your Obedient Servants,
The Staff of Murray’s Brigade