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Thread: 1st Maine Momument Raffle

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    Default tick tock....

    The anticipation is killing me! Can't wait to see if I am one of the lucky ones!

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    Any word yet? I am hoping Christmas comes early! I also want to know I the goal was met
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    "The Winners of the 1st Maine Cavarly Monument Raffle!

    Thank you so much to everyone who helped the 1st Maine Cavalry raise money to erect a monument to honor the brave men who fought and lost their lives at the Battle of Aldie Virginia. Your $10 purchase has brought us closer to our goal of showing we care and will always remember their sacrifice.

    And now, the winners of the raffle!

    Grand Prize: (Model 1842 .69cal Springfield Musket) Matthew Sternad

    Grand Prize: (Model 1853 .58cal Enfield Musket) David Worsham

    1st Place Prize: (Duvall Leatherwork Accoutrement Set) Phil Guenther

    1st Place Prize: (Duvall Leatherwork Accoutrement Set) Richard Holliday

    2nd Place Prize: (Richmond Depot Type II Shell Jacket & Trousers) Sam Grant

    2nd Place Prize: (Federal Issue Sack Coat & Trousers) Shawn Swart

    3rd Place Prize: (Duvall Leatherwork Cartridge Box) Dale Zartman

    3rd Place Prize: (Duvall Leatherwork Cartridge Box) Thomas Fraher

    4th Place Prize: (Officers Haversack) John Nolan

    5th Place Prize: (Starbuck Cap) Bob Tice

    5th Place Prize: (Starbuck Cap) Mark Boynton

    6th Place Prize (Smooth Side Canteen) Matt Lovejoy

    6th Place Prize (3-4 Cup Coffee Pot) Ben Toledo

    Once again, thank you so much to everyone who bought a raffle ticket! Your small contribution has made a great impact on our mission!

    Yours truly,

    Nick Duvall"


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