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    I was doing some research on the 39th Ky Mounted Infantry, a Union regiment raised in East Ky (In which my great great grandfather was a captain), and I found an interesting little tidbit I wanted to submit for your approval:

    Upon the first muster, the commander wrote that the men were clothed in every conceivable type of clothing a man could wear, and out of 400 men in the regiment, he "personally counted 200 different types of firearms" . They were kept in East Ky. throughout the war, and acted as a sort of mounted patrol, fighting in almost every engagement in the area. As far as I can tell, they carried their own weapons too.

    If someone wanted to raise an authentic group portraying the 39th, it would be a very interesting looking crew.

    I know a great many units on both sides went into battle at first with an odd assortment of uniforms and weapons, but the more i study great great grandaddy Sop's unit, the more it seems to be am extreme case of "do what you can with what you have".
    1st Lt. David Harrington
    Commonwealth battery, 10th Ky. Mounted Inf. CSA

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    The 39th was definitely an interesting unit, as were other units in SE KY, and SW VA. I had numerous ancestors (both direct and indirect) on both sides in this area including at least 3 cousins in A Co of the 39th. A CO's William and Frederick Franklin and Joseph Webb were nephews of my gg-grandfather Byrd Franklin who served in the 65th KY Enrolled Militia (Union) which was so closely associated with the 39th that Byrd listed the 39th as his unit when he applied for a pension. I have a civilian sack coat I had custom made based on a photo of Byrd.
    I would be most interested if you could list some of the weapons carried by the 39th.
    Mick Cole

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