On April 12-14, 2013, Rear Rank Productions will present " The Wilderness of Spotsylvania", a tactical Combined Arms Operation, on the Britney's Hope Property, in Elizabethtown, PA.

The Combined Arms Tactical will be much like the past Recon series of events, historically set in the beginning phases of the Chancellorsville Campaign.

We have over 400 acres of land, from open fields to alomst impassable swamps, to unfinished rail road beds to replicate the terrain west of Fredericksburg.

We are looking to replicate brigade on brigade actions, with correct historical use of cavalry and artillery, engineers and pioneers, staff officers and soldiers. This is not your typical reenactment. Orders will be issued from the "overall" commanders via couriers, and brigade and battalion commanders will have to attempt to follow them in the fog of war.

We will have "observers" with each manuever element, to designate casualties and in general keep the manuevering from becoming a typical "tactical"

The action will be fluid, with a lot of scouting and screening, and focusing often on small unit actions.

Forces will be "fed" into the fight as if they are arriving off the march and commanders and troops will have to react in a proper military manner to an ever changing tactical situation.

All casualties will be sent to the rear as wounded, to be rallied and once enough men are gathered, to be fed back into the fight as a different tactical unit. This will give the feeling of your comrades getting shot, and not returning during the days actions.

Officers who sacrifice their commands will end up with no command left to sacrifice.

This is not a seek and destroy tactical, but a judged combined arms manuever. Each side will have a clear and defined goal over the course of the weekend, and will be judged on the application of PERIOD tactics to accomplish that goal.

Court Abel, the Federal Operational Commander, and myself, the Confederate Operational Commadner, will be working TOGETHER to send orders to the Manuever Commanders- Mike Lavis on the US side, and the Southern Division on the CS side, that will follow the rules of engagement and history. We will work as a team to enable the men in the ranks and the commanders in the field to experience a realistic experience as possible.

There will be a fixed camp that the troops will return to in the evening, to receive orders for the following day.

However they will live out of their haversacks during the course of the day.

We will need a VERY limited number of civilians for first person interaction with the troops.

Once Lee takes Command concludes this weekend, we will be posting the web site at www.rearrank.com

On the web site, we will also publish the Command and Staff College lessons including the proper use of staff, combined arms operations and tactical security, as well as terrain and mapping guides.

This is a non public event, for reenactors, by reenactors to replicate as close as we can the fog of war, and feeling the men in the ranks experienced those fateful days of 1863.

All procceds from the evnet will be donated to Britney's Hope- a charity that assists with the adoption of special needs children around the world.

Look for more information soon, and excuse my spelling!