There are a number of questions that arise on a near to daily basis in the "Contact the Moderators' email box. We are always glad to aid new users, but must do so within the confines of our system.

I'm a new user. Why can't I see my post?

You've just joined the forum. Your posts must be reviewed and approved by a moderator.

Why is that?

Its our main way of screening for spamm advertising. In the moderator que, we read a lot of those advertisments for everything from the newest fashions to the best mail order brides. We delete the ads and the users who posted them. While some may find the subjects interesting, we are here to talk about the Civil War.

But I'm the Grand High Poobah of the 43rd NorthWest Southern Kentucky Fencibles and Mess Kit Repair Battallion. You know me. I should be able to post right off. Do something.

No, sorry. This is old software. We don't have the means to override it on an individual basis.

Well, you are being too slow. I've made 8 posts in the last hour and none of them show up.

The moderators are volunteers. They have other tasks, including going to work, going to events, and being with their families. You can expect new user posts to appear within 24-36 hours unless everybody is gone to a reenactment. That happens occassionally.

I just joined to sell off gear. Why don't my posts appear?

We are primarily a discussion forum. We are glad to provide a venue for sales, but we suggest you take some time to contribute intellectually to the discussion. Give people time to know you. As moderators, we've discovered that our most problematic sales transactions come from people who are not known in the community. Some high value items change hands here. We like that to be good experience for all concerned.

Once you have participated in discussions here for awhile, the title under your username will change from "Junior Member" to "Registered User". Then you can use the classifieds. Be sure to read the rules at the top of that subforum.

But I'm new to the hobby and the forum and I need some stuff right now. Why can't I post a Wanted to Buy in the Classifieds?

We don't have a good work around for that problem, other than for you to participate actively in discussions. In the meantime--read a lot, ask questions as needed, and build the knowledge you need so you won't make a poor choice in buying gear.

All the Best,