Hello all. I'm looking to get back into the hobby after a 15 year absence. I stated out with the Berdan's in Michigan avail years ago. Moved to Wisconsin for college and floated around there for a few more years with various groups, but never "officially" joined anyone. Then I enlisted and left playing soldier to be a soldier in 2001. To be honest I haven't been to a reenactment, even as a fudgie, since then.

When my enlistment ended I thought about getting back in, but I had left things stored with my parents or "lent out" to buddies. Unfortunately, my parents basement flooded (a few times) while I was assigned to Germany and the buddies I lent stuff out to disappeared, or at least my things did (in at least one case l heard my old knapsack had found new life as a cat's litter box). Not all is lost though, as I pulled my leather gear out of an old tub my parents put what they could save into, and with lots of saddlesoap, mink oil, and kiwi I was able to get them back into serviceable condition. All except my waist belt which has simply shrunk too much since I was 21 to save (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Anyway, I'm looking to get back in; pending approval of the wife who manages the checkbooks. Planning on got to my first event in 15 years this weekend, although as a watcher, see if I can sort out what's what nowadays. Look forward to reading through here and seeing what I've been missing.