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Thread: What reenactor group were the percussionists ....

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    Default What reenactor group were the percussionists ....

    that played the cadence during the start of Pickett's charge? I think cadence was "Downfall of Paris" --- I can remember playing that in drum solo contest when I was in the band in high school. Can anyone verify this? Thanks.

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    The soundtrack credits it as a joint venture between the Camp Chase Fifes & Drums and 2nd Maryland Fifes & Drums. Both are well-established groups with recorded material available.
    Marc A. Hermann.
    The Daybreak B'hoys.
    Liberty Rifles - Hardtack Society.
    Oliver Tilden Camp No. 26, SUVCW - Co. I, 83rd NYV, SVR.

    Descendant of Pvt. E. Hermann, 45th PA Militia - Capt. Wm. K. and Lt. Geo. W. Hopkins, 7th PA Reserves - Pvt. Jos. A. Weckerly, 72nd PA Infantry - Pvt. Thos. Will, 21st PA Cavalry.


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