Hi all -
I've been quiet over the winter, but busy. The first news is that I applied for membership to the SCV. I finally broke down and got an Ancestry dot com account and found that my Great Grandfather served with the 1st Mississippi Light Artillery Vaiden Company from Carroll County Mississippi. I'm proud of his record. Despite wounds in both thighs at Shiloh, capture at the fall of Vicksburg, a period of time as a POW, signing a pardon certificate, he rejoined his Company to keep fighting to the very end. He finally surrendered in May 1865 with a number of other unattached soldiers. Corporal Junius Harris.
The project continues and 2012 promises to be a busy season. I've evolved the scope somewhat to try and capture the 21st living historians portraying the soldiers and civilians so well. It has taken on a more photojournalistic direction. The events are beginning to include galleries dedicated to each organization I can identify. This becomes more complicated, but it is the story.

If anyone has information about subjects in the photos please let me know so that I can create a caption.