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Thread: Blacksmithing How-to handout for this Friday's Reenactment at the Farm Museum

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    Default Blacksmithing How-to handout for this Friday's Reenactment at the Farm Museum

    The local blacksmithing guild is hosting a hands-on session for reenactors at this weekend's reenactment who wish to try their hand at blacksmithing hot iron. The Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster Maryland is hosting a reenactment the weekend of May5/7 2012. Located on the property of the farm museum is a blacksmithing school where reenactors at the event will have the opportunity to forge an item under the one-on-one supervision of experienced blacksmiths, at one of the school's eight forging stations.

    I created the enclosed handout which shows two of the possible items that a participant may work on during the Friday evening session. These instructions were specifically designed to use the same materials and skill set learned in making the "S" hook that was originally planned as the demonstration item. My suggestion was to offer two additional items, a Tent Pole Hook and a Double Ridge Pole Hook. This handout has been accepted by the sessions organizers and copies will be made available to participants on Friday evening.

    I include the project instructional handout here for those that might be interested in seeing the handout.
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    Pay attention here---this period trade does not require you to be some big burly guy to do it. Finesse is needed much more than brute strength.

    My petite Darling Daughter began smithing at 14. I've an awful lot of iron work to show for her efforts. And some things held together by her nails.

    If you can, go learn this.
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    For those Folks that want to have the pleasure of making their own Knife or Tent stakes, don't miss this chance to learn. If I had to make one recommendation its a lot more fun in the Fall or early Winter. Hot is not a word to describe summer Hammering. Fav-Metal 5160 spring/58 to 60 Rockwell.

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    I spoke to a couple of guys in this organization at a different type of event at the Farm Museum, but they were there doing demonstrations. I struck up a conversation about making horse bits. While they were not to crazy about making a bit, mainly because the liability if something went wrong and it hurt the horses mouth, they were more then willing to help me learn how to do it myself. Because of time, I have not been able to do it. But, I sent a couple emails and had conversations with the guys and they seem like a great bunch of guys having fun in what is somewhat a lost art form. I would highly recommend anyone that can attend and has the interest. You will not find an easier bunch to work with.

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    Thanks for the information. I will be there this weekend, starting Friday, and will take advantage of this great opportunity.


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