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Thread: Do you ever use your reenactment items outside an event?

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    I wear my derby as my day to day hat (get lots of good comments). I wear my great coats (both blue and gray) as my good winter overcoat. My boots are also worn in place oof my cowboy boots on occasion. I hunt with my muskets, and live fire my pistols(15 and counting) live firing is cheaper than any modern ammo but .22. When it gets hot, and yes it gets hot and humid up here in Michigan I set up the wedge tent and sleep outside. I use my brazier as my outdoor grill. In the winter time my wool blankies are on the bed under the comforters. When I was sick last month my nightcap was on my head to keep it warm. I will also sleep in my period nightshirt in warmer weather. My pocet watches are my choice of time keeper(cant use a cell phone while working). My period glasses are my backup glasses, and have been worn several times while my others are in the shop having the frams fixed. My cheapie no bag haversack is my carry bag when I go to gunshows. Vests are worn most anytime it's cool out. So yes my "stuff" see double and sometimes triple duty. I figure if you went to the trouble of buying and paying good money so use it, and Enjoy life.
    Cris Westphal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt-Heinrich Schmidt View Post
    ....No longer a member of the "Hey! Look at me! I'm a Reenactor" Mess
    Fabulous quote! Mind if I use it? When I visit battlefields, I never wear any ACW uniform items or anything even similar. My own personal feeling is that when I am walking over a battlefield, it is all about the ACW soldiers and their experience, not about me. I do not want to provide anyone, whether myself or others, with any distraction that takes their focus from those who fought here. Just my own preference, I have no problem with others doing as they see fit.
    Edward West
    formerly Kilcrease Light Artillery, 5th FL
    Currently, Cedar Fork Rifles, 6th NC

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    I'm still thinking about Curt's observation that he used to travel in costume and now doesn't. I have to admit sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Maybe I'm just getting old and finally admitting that sitting in a hot car wearing wool pants just isn't that comfortable. Especially on the drive home. But I did it for years. (Heck, I drove home in my gear from a WWII event last weekend, so I'm obviously still willing to do it.) I guess I have seen a difference in how reenactors are perceived. When I'm pumping gas 5 miles from the event site, I get one response. At 150, I get another, usually the snarky "Are you Amish?" sort of responses. Whatever minimal cool factor we ever had is completely gone now. I'd just as soon change when I arrive and park my car.
    Rob Weaver
    Pine River Boys, Co I, 7th Wisconsin
    "We're... Christians, what read the Bible and foller what it says about lovin' your enemies and carin' for them what despitefully use you -- that is, after you've downed 'em good and hard."
    -Si Klegg and His Pard Shorty

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    I wear period clothing and use period tools and equipment at the local farm museum. And since blacksmithing tools are what they are I use various period and non-period tools when working in my shop.
    David Einhorn, Author of the book titled, "Civil War Blacksmithing" available from

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    Default sack coats

    I like using my wool sack coat outside the reenactments. It's very warm and actually goes well with tons of non-CW shirts and pants. It looks like a non-standard blazer. Of course I have to get all the grass, mud and gun powder off first! The plate and cup are useful as regular "dishware" too.

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    I have worn my Gauntlets to do yard work. It gives it the rough wear look. lol And I too have worn my Greatcoat to go outside and shovel the snow, while wearing my White Marble Fox skin hat. Nice and warm.
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    I also, whenever I go camping or fishing overnight or anything similar to that, I always take my dog tent. I don't know why, but I enjoy using it over any of the modern stuff. During the cooler months I will go around wearing my frock coat, or shell jacket. And During winter, my great coat, and wool blankets are constantly being used, that is if it is cold enough outside. Canteens I use when I am doing yard work, or hiking. Haversack, is always good to have because food is always important. My NCO book is also always used. It is always the closest piece of paper and pencil I can find.
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