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This is the third attempt to sell my gear. It's getting parted out.

Enfield Musket, Navy Arms, with cloth sling: Total Price $525 and that includes shipping.

Springfield Bayonette & Scabbard, $40 and that includes shipping

Size 9.5 Brogans and socks. Perhaps the most comfortable brogans I've worn. These have been given new heels. $30 and that includes shipping.

Mechanics hat, X-large: $7 and includes shipping

Cotton pants, size 36 x 30 with suspenders, $35 includes shipping

Cloth haversack, $8 includes shipping

grey confederate pants, 36 x 34, used once, $35 includes shipping

confederate butter nut jacket, size 41 used once, $40 includes shipping.

black cap box, $10 includes shipping

.58 caliber cartridge box, natural leather finish, with tins, and shoulder strap. Really nice. $45 and that includes shpping.

Last *** 80 rolled cartridges & 200 musket caps **** will deliver to reenactors in Michigan provided you're fairly close to Lansing. $15 so they will be used.

Leave private messages with your cell phone.

Bill Hensler
Metro-area, Lansing