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Hardee's iPhone App
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    kyhiland Guest

    Default Hardee's iPhone App

    Has anyone taken a look at this app yet? I haven't seen any reviews online for it.


    Mark Hiland
    Louisville, KY

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    I got it. Not to bad having a tactic manual at my finger tips. Some of the animations are off, such as the movements for right or left flanks. I'm pretty sure these same animations were out on a website at one time.

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    kyhiland Guest

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    Thanks for the reply. Maybe the free ebook versions are a better option then.

    Mark Hiland

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    is it available for the Droid as well?
    Paul Wolbeck
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    Hard to imagine anyone would pay five bucks for that. You can look at the same videos here : http://www.10thbattalion.org/school.php It's surprising how much of the drill illustrated in these simple animations fails to comply with the very tactics supposedly demonstrated.

    There's really no short cut to learning the drill. You have to crack the spine of a book. Read it, take notes, draw your own diagrams, get it into your head, then go to an event and give it a whirl. Make sure to bring a manual because you will need to refer to the text again. Guaranteed. Or you can stand there during some company drill at an event with a phone in your hand and try to show everyone from your tiny screen what they're supposed to be doing. This assumes that the animated drill in the video on your phone is correct and faithful to the text.

    Which it's not.
    - Silas Tackitt

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    Is it best to carry an electronic device that contains drill manual access in ones haversack or knapsack? I attempted to research this subject to see how it was done by the actual participants in the Civil War using numerous search functions and could not find a reference to answer my question.
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