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    Since it is sewing season for me, I am making new fancy hairnets to go with the dresses I am currently sewing. So, I am passing along some of last season's hairnets that I've made. These have been worn zero or only a few times each.

    1. Peacock blue satin ribbon and yellow/green/blue plaid taffeta ribbon decorated fancy hairnet. Ribbon hairnets are particularly fabulous for those of us disguising short hair. I part my hair in the middle and pin the bangs back, attach a fake bun the color of my hair, and then use a fancy hairnet.
    Made by Vivian Harrington 2012. Never Worn. $50 Postage included. Check, MO or PayPal.

    2. Pink/green plaid taffeta ribbon and moss green velvet ribbon decorated hairnet with seed pearls. Worn twice. Made by Vivian Harrington July 2012 $42 Postage Included.
    Check, PayPal, MO

    3. Decorated hairnet. Orange /black/yellow woven ribbon ruched and sewn to an invisible headband, with a fine brown hairnet attached. Decorated with silk flowers.
    Made by Vivian Harrington. Never worn. $36.00 postage paid. Check. PayPal, MO

    4. Decorated hairnet. Green/white taffeta pleated ribbon headband with brown hairnet.
    attached. Made by Vivian Harrington 2011. Worn less than 10 times. $22.00 postage paid. MO, PayPal, Check.

    Please send an email to earthboar59 at if you have any questions. I also have 1 each gently worn ruched or pleated ribbon hairnets with velvet ribbon in burgundy, pink, and red for $20 each. I will be happy to email photos if you are interested.

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    Vivian, would it be possible to see a photo of the burgundy?

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    This link should take you to the photo of the burgundy hairnet.



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