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Thread: Looking for my Great Aunt and soldier from Maine

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    Default Looking for my Great Aunt and soldier from Maine

    Fellow Civil War Folks,

    I am doing some family geneaolgy and was wondering if there is a source that lists the names of Civil War nurses and general medical personnel. I have a Great Aunt who married a civil war soldier from Maine. He enlisted in the 4th Maine, comp A, wounded at Fort Monroe and later sent to Washingtion as the 4h Maine marched toward Gettysburg(Sickles 3rd Corp). How could have my Great Aunt from Lancaster County, PA. meet a soldier from Maine assigned to the Invalid Corp in DC?

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    "Carded Service Records of Union Hospital Attendants" is where the female staff who were recorded have their records stored. You get a bonus record/s if Great-Auntie was alive in 1892 to be included when females were finally eligible for a pension in their own right.

    Understand a few things though...
    Not all female staff-persons were "female nurses"... if they were employed, they may have held titles like "matron," "laundress," "lady cook," "chambermaid," "seamstress" or even simply "girl."

    Some of the women were serving as volunteers, rather than paid staff. Yes, they even traveled long distances to be of service where the service was most needed. Often in such situations, they traveled to a particular hospital after receiving word a relative was there and stayed on after he passed.

    Some of the women serving in general hospitals were employed through the Sanitary Commission, Christian Commission, and various "Aid Societies", and would be recorded in the paperwork of the respective organization rather than hospital paperwork.

    Most of the interviews by Miss Dix were conducted in Washington City and once hired, the women were assigned to hospitals all over the Northern U.S.

    The aftermath of Gettysburg was a HUGE aid effort involving most of the northern east coast under Federal control. Most personnel would have been involved at some point.

    Good luck on your search.
    -Elaine Kessinger


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