From CS Cavalry privates perspective:

We followed history. Saturday was mostly maneuver, early on we split into two squadrons. First squad was engaged and second squad made **** for leather ride to come up on Fed rear. Engaged in saber fight from gallop and both sides left field slightly bloodied. We went into advantageous position atop hill overlooking only road into field. We set skirmish line of infantry and dismounted troopers. Feds attacked with infantry, pushed us out. we remounted while infantry gave cover. Fed Cav rode in and we engaged in small field. We were able to escape through gate to road to Unison. Almost lost Rob to viscious fed action but a diversion by some of our troopers allowed him to escape. Trooper Prillaman had girth slip as we were being pressed and he came off and his mount ran. We managed to recover, he remounted and we disengaged and reformed in Unison where we were able to rest and recover for a short while. Feds entered Unison with infantry so we reformed just outside the village and engaged in desultory fire. As the enemy chose not to press we made our way south towards Welbourne. We formed mounted skirmish line on a ridge overlooking the northern approaches. the Feds took a position on an opposing ridge about 1/4 miles north. We fired several rounds but could not draw them in. They finally chose to engage and we fought the most spirirted saber battle of the day. Both sides were well used and we were finally able to disengage and reform. We formed a dismounted skirmish line along a stone wall and gave them a warm turn for a while as they demonstrated on our front. They finally turned back and we turned south and continued our ride towards Welbourne arriving about 5 in the evening where we went into bivouac. Men prepared rations and we settled into an uneasy sleep.

Sunday we awoke to a light mist and repositioned the guns on a hill overlooking the northern approaches to the Welbourne manor. We set out videttes expecting a push by the Federals. Within an hour we spotted the Federal infantry forming up across the drive supported by cav. we exchanged fire and held them up for a bit before we were pushed by the infantry. We reformed in support of the guns. The Fed infantry began a push up the hill towards the guns which gave them a hot welcome but we had lost several of our infantry support the previous day and in our weakened state we were unable to hold them long. The Cavalry then made a spirited charge up the hill against us. Several Feds were unhorsed and we led them a merry chase away form the guns which were unfortunately lost to their infantry after taking a heavy toll. We reformed and our Lt. came flying into the field closely followed by Fed cav. We drew sabers and charged the cav as it was entering through a small gate into our field. A fearsome saber battle ensued, the Lt escaped and we continued to flail the Federals. Trooper Bocek was surrounded by Fed troopers and in danger of capture when the fearless Lt Kern fell upon them like a fury. All escaped and there followed a flying chase where we lost them as we entered a wood. We continued on a flanking motion back towards the Manor keeping the infantry in sight on our left. We were suddenly surprised by their cavaly making a brutal pistol attack on our rear. We led them up a hill into another field where we again engaged them cold steel to cold steel. after much bloodshed we each reformed and stood to arms glaring hatred across the latest field of battle. Both sides seemingly having their fill of brutality we each disengaged to fight another day..