For Sale: Paper Cartridge Rolls or Tubes

Price: $3.00 a Bag of Printed Newspaper (Recommended for Field Use)
$4.00 a Bag of Plain White Newsprint (Recommended for Living History Display)

Bag= 100 Paper Cartridge Rolls or Tubes
Shipping: $1.00 per Bag

Also some units and sutlers have contacted me about big orders. If the order is or over 15 bags of any variety, I will split the shipping with you in half. If the order is or over 30 bags shipping will be free.

Please pay by check or money order.

I am sorry if this creates a problem for my customers. I have received some money orders through Walmart, with all of these I have had a hard time. So if at all possible please no longer send me money orders bought from Walmart. USPS, and some gas stations provide great money order systems.

Andy Smith
ABAC 526
2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, Ga. 31793

(Please note new site.)

Some comments made by past buyers.

“I ordered some soon after my last post and used them this weekend and they are top notch! I rolled the whole batch of 100 and only had 2 rip from being twisted to tight. And you cant beat the price. Id much rather have 300 or 400 (depending on which type you buy) of Andy's than 250 of the "Paper Lady's." I'll be ordering more for my next event.”
“Yes, they work really well in a sharps even after fouling.”
William L. Shifflett

“I just filled some of Andy's tubes. They work great. Buying tubes sure cuts down on the loading time.”
Pvt. H Davis

“He is point on for response time. It seems you no sooner place your order then they arrive. Good tubes”
Brian Wilson

“While I haven't been in the hobby very long, I would like to say, I am on my second order of tubes from Andy. They work well, don't come untwisted and fold easily. Everyone who has inspected his work has commented on the quality Andy puts into his tubes,,,Good Job Andy!!!”
Stephen Whitlock

“Got my first order of 58 cal tubes from Andy today. A++ Do not be afraid to deal with this guy, prices are great for a great product. Thanks.”
“Got another batch from Andy today. A+ as always!!”
“Yup you sure can......I will stick with Andy, it is fast, cheap and a great product. I can bake my own bread but I still buy it at Wal-Mart.”
"I have been ordering from Andy for about two years now and I can also say you will have NO trouble with him at all. As I have said before great product at a great price!"

“Just received my order from Andy today. Excellent Cartridge Tubes, i would highly recommend buying some.”

“With my ten left thumbs, it's a whole heck of a lot easier and worth every cent to pay Andy to make them. Great work, Andy, keep it up.”

“andy's turn around is really quick. I love having them. i load all my hubbys rounds for him, and i have enough to do. andy makes things so much easier... if only he cleaned houses and washed windows”

“Andy had my tubes to me in 1 week, they were just in time for my event last weekend. I highly recomend anyone who needs tubes to get them from here. Thanks Andy”

“just wanted to leave some feedback on andy`s tubes. they are awesome i liked them excellent job he made will buy again!”

“The young man makes a fine tube for burning powder. His turn around and shipping time are great too. It is well worth the price he is asking.”

"My father ordered 1000 tubes and even before the check was in the mail they were shipped. A few days ago I filled 200 tubes with powder and it only about an hour. This is a great to cut down doing unneeded work."
Jack "Stumpy" Dixon

"We purchased these and had a round rolling party at my home. The tubes were easily filled and a pleasure to work with. We will purchasin(g) more."
Lt. K. Wright

"Regarding Andy and his tubes,
1. Ordered 500, received before I sent the check. There are still Southern gentlemen in this world, Andy is one.
2. Had a round rolling party and they seemed to fill nicely.
3. Just did an event (probably went thru 75% of 500) and they held up nicely. Of course I say not as nice as our hand rolled rounds with a sly grin, but certainly easier on the fingers. Good ends on Andy's rounds.
4. Our next order will be for 1000 rounds.
5. We ordered the plain paper and heartily recommend."
Scott Harrington

"Andy, thank you for the tubes. I rolled all 200 last weekend and they worked great. They have a much tighter roll than what I have been using. I had to turn to twisting the tops instead of a fold and tuck. A very nice change. Maybe this will stop the powder from dribbiling out. I'll certainly be ordering more."
Bernie Kiggins

"I will be ordering again after Gettysburg. I am very pleased with the product and the service."
P.L. Parault

"The your tubes are great!! They are loading great and fit perfect(.)"
Tedd ILL Pvt

"Anyone that has any reservations about ordering from Andy, need not worry...
I recently ordered 1500 tubes from him, and stupidly FORGOT to sign the check I sent him...(duh me)..
He sent the check back WITH THE TUBES!!!!
I swallowed the crow while it was still warm, and signed the check.
A FANTASTIC GUY TO DO BUSINESS WITH, and we WILL be ordering MORE from you Andy!
Thanks and God Bless!!!!"
M. T. Murphy

"I ordered 15 bags on a Monday and Andy promised them to be shipped on Friday. He shipped them out on Wednesday.
I still had not written the check. Great service, Andy. As soon as I get these loaded, I will be begging for more."
"A well deserved bump. Great product, even better price."
M. Schramm

"Just a plug for some quality tubes! These are well constructed and are easy to tear. Andy stayed in contact with me and sent me 200 tubes in a very timely manner!!"
S. Graves

"Mr. Smith,
I have sent you a check for 1000 rounds. And my tired old hands Thank you for your service."
Michael Pierpoint

"Mr. Smith,
I have been in progressive/authentic reenacting for 17 years and services like this are invaluable. Pay no mind to people who like to gripe just for the sake of griping. You could offer them free tubes made from original "Harper's Weekly" newspapers and people would gripe that the date of the paper is too late a date for the reenactment being portrayed. Thank you for all you do."

"Andy's tubes are great and so is his customer service! Several times I have found myself in a pickle trying to make rounds for an upcoming large event and Andy has always been more than happy to help with shipping or custom orders! Top notch in my book!"

"I agree! First rate service and tubes!"

"Received my 1500 tubes the other week while we were on vacation. Excellent job, very nice."