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Thread: Thanksgiving Hymn

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    Default Thanksgiving Hymn

    President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation recommending a General Thanksgiving on November 26, 1863, as an expression of national gratitude for the Union’s successes during the year. The Rev. Dr. William Augustus Muhlenberg, an Episcopal minister, composed “The President’s Hymn” and it was published in Harper’s Weekly, Vol. VII, No. 362, December 3, 1863. See

    The hymn was performed as part of the Lincoln Bicentennial Oratorio “For the People” by singers
    Jeffrey Fahnestock, tenor, Roosevelt Credit, bass-baritone, and Kathleen Sasnett, soprano. To hear the hymn, see and click on "Thanksgiving".

    The Oratorio will be performed again on Sunday, February 12, 2012, at the Kussmaul Theatre, Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD.

    Annette & Larry Keener-Farley
    Victorian Dance Ensemble

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    A great piece of music and not performed enough!

    Here is our version performed by the Washington Revels and the Federal City Brass Band (based on the original sheet music)
    Jari Villanueva
    The hardest 24 notes in music are Taps


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