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Thread: Medicine Chest/Pannier

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    Cool Medicine Chest/Pannier

    I am in the process of adding to my gear and I have set my sites on a medicine chest/pannier. I portray an Asst. Surgeon who stays with his regiment in the field and I actually take the field. What type of pannier would be more functional for my impression?

    The first is the Squibb Pannier that we are all familiar with from Charlie's Boatworks. I am sure that we are all in agreement that this is an excellent reproduction. The downside is that it is a large bulky item; would have it remained at the field hospital?

    The second is called a Field Medicine Chest and it is make by Dixie Leatherworks. Would this one be more appropriate?

    As always, your advice and opinions are greatly appreciated.

    John Ferrannini
    Asst. Surgeon, 1st Lt.
    67th NY

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    Default 1862 Dixie field medical chest or 1863 field medical chests

    The Dixie Leatherworks is a 1862 version. If you are looking for an 1863 Kidney field medical chest, I have a man in Wisconsin that made a perfect duplicate from pictures that I supplied that were taken from two originals one at Richmond & one at Frederick, Md. I also have a second version that he did off of pictures of another 1862-3 style.

    He is currently working (from pictures) on a saddle bag field medicine kit for me off of an original at the Frederick museum. I hope to see it by Christmas. The costs run in the 300-400.00 range but they are perfect reproductions including all proper straps.

    I will be bringing one to Antietam 150 that would be proper period.

    Let me know if you want a name or would like to see pictures!
    Dr. Trevor Steinbach
    17th Corps Field Hospital, Inc. a 501(c)(3)
    First Federal Division -- Medical Director
    First Illinois Brigade -- Medical Director (Union)
    Board Member - Society of Civil War Surgeons

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    Default Panner Options


    I found this pannier a while back. It looks smaller than Charlies BoatWorks and the price is more accessible. It looks like they are using glass bottles. The reality is I spend most of my time with a company of 20-30 men. At big events our goal is around 100 so bigger is not always better. Here is the link:

    Ohio Valley Mercantile and Trading Company

    Mason Lumpkins
    Hospital Steward / Asst. Surgeon

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    An asst surgeon on the field would be limited to what he could carry in a haversack (pocket kit, tourniquets, bandages, an opium plug or pills etc) and what his "knapsack carrier" would have in the hospital knapsack or field medical case. The panniers would have been no closer than the field hospital. The field medical chest you link to would probably not have made it to the field, as a hospital knapsack ( like the McEvoy Knapsack) or field medical case, would have been more convenient to carry and hold as much or more. Dixie carries both of those items or check out the cases that Trevor was talking about.
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    Rick Etter
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    Awhile back I did some research into folding camp chairs, with plans to build one. One style I considered was the two-piece slat style chair the above company sells. I rejected it after having discovered that it first appeared in the 1930's.

    I also have read that the split-top table style they sell was also not used during the 1860's, rather a solid top folding down on one side, similar in construction to the TV trays of the 1950's.

    These two observations make me question the accuracy of the pannier. Anybody feel differently?

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    The one from Ohio Valley, may not fit a the same slot as the one from Charlie's Boatworks, however, from what I have been told and thru my research there was not a standard issued style pannier for the south (where my research is based). The photos I have seen are of two completely different styles in size and construction. So I don't see where it would or could be incorrect, other than wood type and hardware. Others may have more to add to this but, I think it would work if you are representing a field hospital.



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