My understanding is that a courts martial took place subsequent to the second horseback raid inside the camp.

Whether there was any teeth to it, I have not a clue. I'll find out eventually, but I have not even unpacked yet, never mind gotten on the phone.

I know what was said to the one captured offender, as I witnessed the bulk of it, said some of it, and attempted to be a voice of restraint to some of my best friends who were correct and justified in high anger at the sort of malicious idiotic yahooism we were subjected to.

Mules on pickett were closest to the path of this 'raid'---that, and some little children who were in camps on the occasion of a wedding party. The Federal Provost exercised a great deal of restraint and common sense in dealing with this situation, as tempers were very high. Mine was no exception-I was still aching and bruised from the tumble I took avoiding the mayhem on the first night.

This much I know. The raiders come from a unit with a track record of such off the map actions. Their immediate commander has not taken action in the past.

Horses and mules are prey animals. When picketed, they have less chance of utilizing their best defense against threat--flight. It's cruel and malicious for anyone, but
especially another equine owner, to intentionally harm them.

And of course, only a true coward would think it grand to gallop through a group of women and children.