I can't say that this instance was more enjoyable than the battle scenarios, but we had a great down time watching the ford we camped 10 feet from fill up with horses and personnel, male and female kids and all. Remembering the regs advising not to water yourself or your horses in the creek made me laugh at most of the people that weren't just soaking their feet in it, but it was enjoyable to just watch that many people just relaxing. Down side to that was the Friday and Saturday night attacks that came blazing through there, even after guards were set up, along with the fireworks show right as I fell asleep. The big laugh was when the Reb cavalry came back into camp after scouting the Yankee camps dressed as Yankees and getting fired upon by the 3" rifle set up in the middle of camp. Now, that was exciting. You can't expect to have everything be authentic in an event this large but the battles seemed ok to me, regardless of the lopsided numbers and it not being on the original battlefield. I guess if I had to have a number one complaint it would be the amount of vehicles that were left in camp practically all weekend. Like I said before, I got my $20 worth.