Dear Fellers,
Just returned from the Wilson's Creek event. Interesting being in Missoura and rough terrain it is to be sure!
Many of the early war impressions were superb ( shakos, pre-war military uniforms, etc.). and if they did not surpass the sartorial splendor witnessed at Manassas, it was a close run thing. The two to one Confederate versus Federal numbers seemed historic but in a private's opinion, only Saturday afternoon's and Sunday's battle were worthy of particpation. The fire-fights were hot and the artillery rent the welkin, as the Bard might say! Troops fighting it out in the Cornfield looked splendidly historic! There were some outstanding moments.
Interesting to mix with troops from the Trans-Mississippi and the West and atmosphere was different; somewhat frontier; somewhat mountain influenced. Certainly not the paper-collar Easterner atmosphere! The **** you say!
The logistics seemed sub-standard and until Sunday there seemed to be a great deal of confusion as to who,what, where and when and few staff to ask. I reckon constant car traffic, fireworks and camp raids were a nuisance to most. Perhaps much can be learned from this event for future ones.
If Manassas was three out of four stars; Wilsons Creek was probably two stars if a rating is required. The Sesquicentennial goes on.
all for the old flag,
David Corbett