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Thread: FFR Response to Postings in "No Antietam 150th" Thread

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    Default FFR Response to Postings in "No Antietam 150th" Thread

    Fellow Re-enactors and Living Historians,

    I would like to thank the moderators of this panel for allowing me the opportunity to make this post.

    I believe, as President of the Fighting First Regiment (FFR), that it is necessary to comment on a recent series of unfortunate postings by one of our members.

    In a discussion regarding the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, a member of the FFR made some disparaging comments about the treatment of the FFR and other participants by Chris Anders and those who work with him to sponsor events he has managed in the past. These comments were posted without the concurrence of, and do not reflect the opinions or the policies of, the officers, command staff, and general membership of the FFR.

    The FFR has, and will continue, to support the efforts of gentlemen like Chris Anders to present history and further the cause of preservation. I wish to state in the strongest possible terms that were we to have any such issues at any events, our leadership will address them directly with those concerned.

    On another point of clarification, the FFR considers itself to be a progressive re-enactor group, and one that places strong emphasis on accuracy in dress and equipment, and in action and performance on the field.

    Once again, I wish to thank Mrs. Lawson, Mr. Lamoreaux, and Mr. Hancock for allowing me to post this response.

    I remain your humble servant,

    Alex Stall
    Alex Stall
    Private, 18th Virginia Inf'y, Co. E
    President, Fighting First Regiment

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    Well played.
    "Grumpy" Dave T.

    "Biggest problem is, at most "reenactments," nobody knows what their "historical" job was. And, in most cases the privates are worse off than the NCO's and Officers." - Deceased

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    Mr. Stall requested the opportunity to make a statement based on the communication in this thread: . The moderators, having locked the previous discussion, are more than happy to allow the posting of this reply and the goodwill that is intended to bring forth. As this is more an announcement and not meant to add to the discussion of above posted thread, we will lock this from further comment and ask that if you have anything to reply toward the poster, Mr. Stalls, please send via Personal Message
    Ross Lamoreaux
    Moderator and Sewer of Historical Clothing and Tall Tales

    "But our opportunity to learn and grow, to communicate the richness of the lives that have gone before us, that does not change. We do not outgrow it. It does not tatter and fall apart in our hands..." -Mrs. Terre Lawson, 2010


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