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    Default Civil War CD

    Hi all,

    I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in the Sutler board, so feel free to move it if you must. The group I sing with, The Black River Boys have released an album. The songs are now available via CD

    and you can visit us on facebook...

    Thank you all,
    Anthony Salem
    Anthony Salem
    51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    Co. B

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    For those interested in the sound of the fiddle in the Civil War era, you might do a search on this site for De-farbing a violin/fiddle, or "Violins and other period instruments". It is actual quite easy to de-farb a fiddle to get away from the quite anachronistic metallic and loud 20th century fiddle sound (and appearance). Just a friendly suggestion.

    Eric Marten

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    Default Thank you for the links!

    I love the songs of the Civil Ware era.


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