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    Three lusty huzzahs for the field music! There was some righteous fifing, drumming, and bugling going on in the Union camps. I don't know who all was playing--there were several regimental bands, one not too far from the Regulars camp that I particularly enjoyed listening to Saturday night. I was amazed that they could play so well and for so long in all that heat while my major focus was simply on not passing out. I couldn't imagine playing a musical instrument under those conditions, but they did it. It was great to have you on the field playing during the scenarios too--it really added to the moment. From a lowly private: Thanks, guys!

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    I'll second that cheer! Friday and Saturday night jam sessions were truly awesome.....but the combined USV/Cumberland Guard jam on the field Saturday during the lull was not to be believed. The power was overwhelming.....and the Downfall of Paris was not to be believed. We sent requests back from the men throughout each days battles, and the playing of the request for "Irish Music already and be quick about it" was met with cheers from both the Cumberland Guard (the requestors and Field Music's) as well as the nearby 3rd USV's (69th NY Irish under Scott Buffington).

    Deafening cadences and the sweet tweets of a dozen fifers did us ALL proud.

    I just know a few of the musician's names (those in the CG):
    Earl Zeckman's Atlanta GA crew led by Jamie Woodhead, our lead snare drummer. Bryan, Ryan, Cabel were the backbone of the corps.
    Tim Cunningham, Fifer, from Camp Chase was our ringer.
    Steven Smunt was Principal Musician\Fife Major. Mike Novak, drummer, was our duty drummer at Brigade Headquarters.

    Good times, and the jam on Saturday Night was EXACTLY why many of us go to the nationals.
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    I think that most of the guys in the Federal camp near the US Regulars were members of the 3rd. New Jersey.
    They were camped, mostly, directly in front of Gen. Tony Daniels' Federal headquarters.
    And they are a *fabulous* bunch of talented, gifted and generous guys.
    They played "Dixie" --at my request-- for a guest I had invited over for dinner and did a real bang-up job! She was mighty pleased to hear Old Abe's favorite tune.
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    One of my highlights was being "captured" on Saturday and pulled to the rear behind the Marines and the 69th NY during the loll on Saturday. I was a few feet away from the combined field music and was able to take in a great concert , making the dejection of being in the arms of the Feds a little better.
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