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Thread: Need help with forum use details

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    Default Need help with forum use details

    Hi All,

    I have posted here many times in the past to buy and sell Civil War items but forgot how to do a few things.

    1) How to get messages sent to my email to know when there is interest in an item for sale?
    2) How to see sent messages? Can only see received messages, not sent ones.
    3) How to delete a sold item.

    Thanks for your help,


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    (1) You should be able to see a 'subscribe' button that allows you to subscribe to the thread. The system will then send you notices if anyone posts to the thread. Be sure to check your profile to ascertain that your current email address is the one you have on file here, or it will bounce to my moderator box, and you won't get the notice.

    I also recommend you monitor daily. We are on a smaller, slower server. I'm not abundantly sure that all notices are going out.

    (2) Look to the left hand side of your page. You will see file of Sent messages IF you have also told the system to save a copy of each message as you send it. You have a 50 message limit.

    (3) Post on your ad when all items in the ad are sold. Moderators will lock the ad. Ads are not deleted as the trail remains on site in case any dispute arises.

    Finally, read the sales rules pinned at the top of the sales area, and follow them.
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    Did your sales post disappear? Try again. But read the rules first.
    Here they are:


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