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    Confederate Captain Alexander R. Dillehay is the son of my GGGG Grandfather, Edmond C. Dillehay. Alexander fought at the Battle of Shiloh. He was born on November 8, 1818 in Person County, N. C. and died on June 18, 1878 in Bethpage, TN (Sumner County). He was mustered in at Camp Trousdale on December 23, 1861. He was a captain who served under Colonel James L. McKoin of the 55th McKoin's Tennessee Infantry Regiment which consolidated with the 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment in April 1862. His brother, Thomas R. Dillehay, is my paternal GGGG Grandfather. I noticed in this forum that Mike51Tenn mentioned Captain Dillehay as a relative. The Dillehay family came from North Carolina and a large group settled in Smith County, Tennessee. There was a Dillehay (originally de la Haye) with William the Conqueror during the Norman conquest of Great Britain in 1066. His name is readily available on the internet. Many of the de la Haye clan lived in Normandy, France which was conquered by Rollo the Chieftain, a Viking.

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    Glenn, I've changed my username since then. Boy that caught my eye, Alexander is my G, G, G, G-Uncle (3rd Great Grand Uncle on my Dad's Mother's side). Can't believe I just saw this. Her family came out of North Carolina, then Kentucky and then moved to the Nashville area where my Grandmother was born. His sister Mary Dillehay (Cleveland) is my 3rd G-Grandmother. Small world. I used to use Alexander's name when we did the honors at the main Confederate burial trench at Shiloh NMP on Memorial Day. Nice to see you Cousin!
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