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    Default Superior Cap Company

    In the Chris Semancik Forage Cap thread someone had mentioned Superior Cap Company as making quality caps. Well because of seeing that old thread I looked them up and found they are back in business. They have an eBay store which can be found here:

    I checked and they are planning on making type I and type II federal caps. It looks like their price is the same as Wambaugh, White, & Company and slightly less than Dirty Billy's caps. Can anyone tell me if Superiors' quality is as good or better than other quality makers?
    Dave Gink
    2nd US Cavalry
    West Bend, WI

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks so much sir!!
    Andrew Schultz
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    I have seen a few of their caps before and they seem to make a very good product as a far as accuracy goes. The pictures on their website appear that they haven't lost any quality in their production so I guess it gets down to what color you want, etc.

    IMHO Richmond Depot makes a killer kepi from the ones I have seen. Just to be clear I have no connection to any vendor just commenting based on observations of reproductions and originals.
    Andrew Jarvi,

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    Just bought a Type I cap from Superior and the price is right and the quality is awesome. As close to the original that you are going to get unless you can find a decent Paul Smith or Joel Bohy cap at a fair price. The materials used are all excellent and the weight and feel is correct. the sweat bands come with the correct cross hatch pattern as seen in originals. I highly recommend getting caps from Superior. I would also highly recommend getting one of their caps over Dirty Billy. I was told by the proprietor that he is only making caps through the Sesquicentennial cycle and then going back into retirement so stock up gents.

    Best Regards,

    Josh Sawyer
    Liberty Rifles

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    Default Mike Stiles/Superior Cap Co.

    I've owned several caps from Superior Cap Company over the years and their quality is simply outstanding. I became aware of his work several years ago after seeing a mess up here in Michigan wearing what appeared to be original forage caps. When I approached them about it Mike Stiles stepped forward and told me that they were his handiwork. Some of those caps were ten years old and still in one piece! Not only are his caps well made, he uses only the best fabrics, proper weight and color of sweatband leather, and last time I knew an original recipe for glazing chinstraps and visors.

    It's exciting to see that he is getting back into cap making, even if it's on a small level. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what else he offers on eBay!
    Brian White
    Wambaugh, White, & Company

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    I agree with Brian!

    I ran into Mike at the Genessee Country Museum in Mumford, NY, this past July. I was walking by his set-up and happened upon his goods.

    When I began to take a good look, I had a stiffy. I was blown away by his work and not only that... the materials were so outstanding that I thought I was holding an unissued original. He is very personable and I hope to get many new caps from him.

    Hands down. Best cap maker I have ever seen.
    Guy W. Gane III

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