The Sutler Row area of the forum is for:

New gear for sale appropriate to the Civil War era time period. No other time periods are allowed.

New gear for sale, not used equipment. Used gear goes in the classified ads.

This forum is for the advertisement of goods for sale. Nothing else.

If you have a comment to make about goods, service, or products from a sutler, this is not the forum for those discussions. Take the discussion to a separate thread in the appropriate military, civilian, or branch area.

Your cooperation makes for a listing where people can find goods easily, thank you.

Please note that any negative evaluations of a specific sutler (goods, services, or other matters) will be removed on sight . The old dictum, "If you don't have something good to say, then don't say anything" applies here. There are good reasons for this, aimed solely at the preservation of these forums.

Have a problem with a sutler and you want advice on how to deal with it? Ask your question in a general manner, devoid of names or other identifying information. Sutler Row, however, is not the proper category for those inquiries, see the "How To" forum for your best audience.

If you have a question for a sutler here regarding an order or other such business related matter, we strongly encourage you to resolve the matter first via the email or PM functions of this board rather than bring the matter public. The only reason that anyone should have for publically inquiring on the status of a sutler or the status of an order from a posting sutler, is when all other attempts to reach the individual have otherwise failed over a reasonable timeframe.

Your cooperation in keeping the forums open and usable for all members and onlookers is most appreciated.