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Thread: 150th Perryville

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    Still am looking for a horse to rent for this event! or 630.561.3249.
    RJ Samp
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    I did a quick tally of the list on the registration website as it appears currently and I came up with 828 CSA and 825 USA military. Hard to be more even than that!
    Scott Lawalin
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    Default Rideshare/carpool to Perryville

    I am wondering if anyone from the eastern PA, Md, area is interested in carpooling or providing me a lift to Perryville, I was all set to share driving with a pard who is now not able to attend, leaving me to drive alone or head to Pittsburgh to meet up with some other guys, either way, I would like to try to get together with some fellow travelers from my area. I live near Valley Forge, PA.

    Mike Scheibe
    44th Ga. Co. C
    Pridgeon's Shenandoah Legion

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    Any info on the event schedule yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CinciKid View Post
    Any info on the event schedule yet?
    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but .....
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    Default Harrington Traveling Photographic Artists will be at Perryville!

    Stop by and visit us on Sutler's Row!
    T.N. Harrington

    Photographic Artist
    Daguerreotypes & Wet-plate Collodion Images
    Winchester, Virginia


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