For more than a decade, Robert Szabo's Civil War Reenactors Forum has been provided as a service to the Civil War reenacting community--to provide a venue for publicizing events, sharing research, recruiting, and enabling folks to keep in contact.

Through all those years, the Forum was funded by Robert Szabo,by hardware purchased by private individuals, and through donated access by a large provider. Recently, the availability of that donated access has changed, and the board must be funded at current commerical rates for useage. After dealing with this reality for several months, we've found that the volume of useage of the Forum is such that the funding must be shared.

This Forum was built with the beginner in mind, and we are committed to continuing to provide this service to the CW community. We are especially thankful to two anonymous individuals who enabled the Forum to get up and running again this week.

You can be a part of this effort. There is now a Donate button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This leads to a Paypal screen. You may send funds with your Paypal account, or you may use a credit card. These funds will be used to continue operating the CW Reenactors Forum.

We do not want anyone to feel obligated here. This is not a 'subscription'. There is no requirement to donate. No special privledges accrue for doing so. You do have our heartfelt thanks for being part of this effort, especially as the hobby moves fully into the 150th cycle.

Happy New Year, from all the Moderators!