Apparently the fans of fine print are upset that the words "Threads that are pointless or complain but offer no constructive solutions get moved here" seem to not apply anymore to The Whine Cellar, and that the moderators are a little quick to pull the plug on a thread fitting that description. In light of the far and recent past of this site, we have been less tolerant of posts that:

a. have no point
b. complain
c. offer no constructive solutions
d. have nothing to do with the Civil War
e. incite ill will or bad manners
f. do not fit into the mold of polite conversation
g. are troll-like (purposeful language used to instill negativity)

We moderators have developed a sense of when things are going to head negatively from years of watching threads head negatively here, and are now being proactive instead of reactive. This site once had a reputation of anything goes, and lately the reputation has improved in the Civil War community thanks to the combination of initiative from the moderators and quality threads from the members here. We plan to keep the momentum and return this site to a place where learning, sharing, and experiences continue to improve the hobby and living history in general. Thank you, we now return to our new programming.....