Ok...I have been asked a hundred times to clarify the confusion that most folks went through in the last few weeks due to the Shiloh announcement posted on this forum previously. Those who were at the 150th Leadership Conference asked for clarification on the event and to have some particulars listed on it so that they could ensure proper planning.

I realize that this event is two years away and I would not have posted the thread this soon but circumstances dictated that I do it now.

The Blue Gray Alliance will host the 150th Anniversary Battle of Shiloh on March 31-April 2, 2012 (yes it's the same date, chosen at the Leadership Conference the first weekend in January). The event will be held on land that is adjacent to the National Park. The leases for the land have been signed giving us around 1800 to 2000 acres on which to hold the event. All of the landowners are excited about the event. Once we have the Twin Rivers Campaign behind us information will begin going out on the Shiloh Event. Members of the Blue Gray Alliance will also be in attendance at Wilson's Creek in 2011 (See RJ Samps previous post on this event).

In an effort to further clarify things I am going to list the member organizations of the Blue Gray Alliance. I have verified with the commanders of these organizations that they would like to have their organizations listed on all press releases and flyers regarding Blue Gray Alliance events and information. I generally tend to like posting accurate information, therefore I make the necessary phone calls ahead of time.

Blue Gray Alliance member Organizations are:
First Federal Division
Federal Alliance (which consists of USV, Mifflin Guard, National Regiment, Vincent's Brigade)
Military Department of the Mississippi (Earl Zeckman)
Longstreet's Corp
Huckabee's Division (TMB)
Cleburne's Division
Jeff Davis Battalion
Hardee Guard Battalion
Georgia Volunteer Battalion
Georgia Division of Reenactors

If I have omitted your organization please feel free to correct me and I'll offer my deepest apologies.

Further information on all Blue Gray Alliance events that I am entrusted to post for will be forthcoming and will always have the Blue Gray Alliance title within it.