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Thread: Woodware and Camp Furniture - Built to Order

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    Thought I'd give it a try anyway, even though it's 22 months old, as he still has his Web site up and shows the furniture there. I guess I could also look into Panther Primitives, unless someone can point me to a woodworker who does period correct folding end tables...

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    Try emailing him directly.
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    Thumbs down Scissor Camp Chair.

    Please note, the 'Scissor Camp Chair' is NOT a civil war period chair. It was invented by a prison convict back in the 1930's. We've been trying to stop all vendors from making and carrying this chair due to it being grossly inaccurate and is hurting the hobby by its sale and use at events. Just an F.Y.I. ....

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    Interested in a folding chair also. I sent a PM for pricing. Thank you.

    Shawn D. Swart
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    Default Folding Chair

    Hi, I'm interested in a couple of the folding chairs. Can you provide me with a quote and timetable?

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    Default Camp kitchen

    Quote Originally Posted by WNC_Reenactor View Post
    Cedar Kitchen Box:

    Field Desk:

    Field Box:
    Would like the camp kitchen can you ship uk

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