Women in mourning

---------------------------------------------------------------------------We also need drummers. any one interested.....-----

I am looking for 13 women to dress in full widow weeds carrying a folded state flag, 13 original confederate states, for rememberance day 2010. I also need 2 drummers to precede us as we march. Drums muffled. We started this group last year and got quite alot of comments. We had 3 national flags of the confederacy, bonny blue and ended with one carrying both us and confederate flags. It was wonderful. If any one will want to join our group next year, please email. thebellsofdixie@yahoo.com. Va. is already taken. Thats 18 women total. Thats all black with veils, not covering faces. You can pick a flag of your choice but all have to be different. First come first chosen. for questions email.... thebellsofdixie@yahoo.com