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    My name is Nic Clark, and I have been in this hobby for 13 years. In that time, I have grown as a living historian; both in the knowledge of various aspects of "new social history" of the American Civil War, as well as in my impressions. My list of previous organizations to which I have belonged, or have fallen in with, include the following:

    9th Illinois, Co. B
    11th Mississippi, Co. G
    Dirty Shirt Mess
    Skulkers Mess
    Liberty Rifles
    Southern Guard

    As well as having worked for the State of Louisiana at the Mansfield State Historic Site, site of the Battle of Mansfield, April 8, 1864. My co-worker while at Mansfield was Don Smith, owner of the Trans-Mississippi Depot Co.

    Within these 13 years, I have also taken up sewing, allowing myself to create those clothing items that I view in photographs, but that are not made available on the market. Beginning over six years ago, the quality by which I can now make garmets based from both existing patterns, as well as patterns that I draft myself, has grown exceedingly. I am now offering some of my goods to you, in the hope that you, too, have a desire to stand out from the crowd, and to dawn historicaly correct reporductions of garments not readily made available on the market today.

    Currently, I have the following items ready to ship:

    1 Houston sack coat. Size 42. Comes with brass coin buttons, and is made from a natural grey jean. This coat is sewn using an 1858 chain stitch machine. $300

    2 Mobile Depot jackets. Size 42. Made from a light brown jean. Comes with wooden dish buttons. Two rows of top stitching done entirely by hand. $350 per jacket.

    1 12th Louisiana jacket. Based upon photographs of members within the 12th Louisiana Infantry, this jacket is made from dark indigo cotton denim. The jacket is sewn using an 1858 chain stitch machine, and it comes with brass coin buttons. Black chevrons on the cuffs, but only on the top sleeve. Size 40. $275

    "Magruder Haversack". This is a late war haversack based upon the specifications laid down by Gen. Magruder, commander in Texas from 1863 to the close of the War. These haversacks are made from a variety of historicaly correct fabrics, with either a single button, or double button closure. Each haversack has a sling made from leather, which adds to its uniqueness when wearing it. Each haversack is hand sewn. $60

    Civilian shirts. Made from a variety of historicaly correct fabrics. Sewn with a machine using a pattened 1851 rolling hook lock stitch. These shirts are a product of the Industrial Revolution; i.e. mass produced, ready to wear clothing. $60

    Please contact me if you are interested in these items, or if you have any questions;

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    Do you have or are you planning a web page?

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    Default crude website

    Here is a crude website so that you can see some of the items that I have on hand, or that I can make.

    Thanks for the interest.

    Nic Clark

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    Default website prices

    After reviewing both my post on this forum, along with looking at my website, I have noticed that there are some conflicts with pricing. The prices that you see on the website are the true prices.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Nic Clark


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