Battery B, 1st Michigan Light Artillery operates a 3" Ordnance rifle, a 2.9 inch Parrot rifle, and a 6 pounder smooth bore cannon.

We current are seeking new members. The battery is located in the western part of the Detroit Metro Area. However, our members come from areas from Flint and Saginaw, Lansing, and even northern Ohio.

Battery B is one of the oldest reenacting artillery units in Michigan. If you want to give reenacting in the artillery a try we would be glad to have you. We can loan gear to new members, a nice thing to have in this recession times.

The highlights of the year are doing the annual cannon shoot at Camp Grayling, Michigan, giving school demonstrations, and - of course - attending reenactment.

If you're interested then give Al Day an email at or phone him at 734-697-3966

Bill Hensler
A real field artillery officer (retired)