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Thread: Having Problems with Vendor/Sutler; Need Advice

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    Exclamation Having Problems with Vendor/Sutler; Need Advice

    To all;
    This is not meant to start a flame war in anyway but to bring attention to an ongoing problem. Moderator if you feel this doesn't belong here, then go ahead and remove it.

    I have know idea where to turn for helpful advice on a problem that as occurred with one of the higher quality vendors out there in this hobby; They are one of the AC approved vendors. I will not mention there name as of now. They know who they are and I'm sure they visit this forum frequently.
    About a year ago (Late July 05) I ordered a garment from this vendor. I made payments over the course of a few months and have even kept my statements with their name, and amounts paid to them. In the last year all I recieved were false promises of when my garment would be ready. Originally I had planned to have it by last December, however no garment. Called up the vendor to have them tell me, that I had fallen behind in payments. I then contacted my bank, and they sent me copy of my Debit Card statements. I was in the clear and I was paid off according to my statements. I quickly sent a copy to the vendor. With that taken care of I was now given a date of mid February. No garment. Being patient, he was contacted again, and this went on, for the next few months with these false promises of delivering the ordered garment by a specific date.
    I finally got irritated, and requested a refund about a month ago. I was told the refund would be in the mail. I have not recieved the $295.00 I was to be refunded. I've called; my wife has called, only to be told what I believe are lies.
    I feel that I have been very civil in this manner.
    I do understand it takes awhile to make these high quality uniforms and clothing, but a year is too long in my opinion. And then being lied to, and not being sent your refund is downright dishonest. I have lost all faith in this vendor.
    This is the first vendor/maker/sutler that I have had any problems with.
    Up to this time, this particular vendor has always, been outstanding in their service and product.
    Any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks to all for listening.
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    Sutler problems are not to be brought here using names.

    This thread verred into using names, therefore I've erased all posts and locked the thread.

    The sutler resolved the issue with the buyer, so the issue is settled.

    If you want to post a general inquiry as above, that's one thing. If you name names, expect that your post will be yanked.

    Resolve the problems with the sutler directly or ask general advice here. Those are the only two options.

    The reason for this is that it only takes one threat of a lawsuit against us, by either party, to shut the forums down permanently.

    I will not risk these forums, nor the loss of the service they provide to our community, for something like this.

    Your cooperation is most appreciated.

    Head History Nerd Wrangler
    Be sure to view the New Users forum, especially The Forum Guidelines


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