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Thread: “The Fighting 57th North Carolina: The Life and Letters of James Calvin Zimmerman”

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    Default “The Fighting 57th North Carolina: The Life and Letters of James Calvin Zimmerman”

    Hello all, I just wanted to post info on my first book. It is called “the Fighting 57th North Carolina: The Life and Letters of James Calvin Zimmerman”. I am very excited to offer this to the public. I have been reenacting this unit for the past 4 years and now and my own family fought it the ranks. But for the first time the full history of the unit is avalible. Below is the official description.

    This book contains reports from the Official Records of the Civil War, Confederate Military History and the Southern Historical Papers. All of them contain the reports by the men who fought in the war along with the war letters of James Calvin Zimmerman and his family. As you read this, you will get to know the Zimmerman family and how a farming family from North Carolina survived one of the worst times in American History. All of this is true, all of this happened and all of this has been forgotten....until now.

    The Hardcover version of this book is only available at and is the Special 1st Edition Version of the book.

    The paperback edition of the book is available at,, Barnes and, and anywhere you might order books from. The ISBN for this book is 978-1-84728-054.

    A link to where to order the books is also available also on the official webpage of the 57th North Carolina at

    I am also in the early writings of my 2nd book about Civil War reenactors and I would like to request that if you are a reenactor and have a good story to tell, email me at

    Tarheels Forever,
    Major William Hartley
    57th North Carolina

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    I look forward to reading this book. My Great-Great Grandfather enlisted in this regiment on July 4, 1862; was taken prisoner at G'burg and spent the rest of the war in Point Lookout, signing his Oath sometime after July 1, 1865. I have copies of his muster rolls as well as a copy of his Oath. He was a resident of Davie County, NC (where he is currently buried) according to the 1860 census.

    Although I currently live in New Jersey, I am a natural born son of Dixie, having been born in Salisbury, NC in 1967; 105 years after the formation of the regiment.

    His life after the war was intermingled with another Great-Great Grandfather who served in the 4th NC and was at the end of the War detached to special service as a guard at the Federal Prison Stockade in Salisbury.

    Both men were born one year apart (1834/1835) and both died a year apart (1900/1901). Each man fathered a child who would grow up to marry one another. My Grandmother's father was the son of the veteran of the 57th. Her mother was the daughter of the 4th NC veteran, who's future wife was 12 in 1862 and who upon his death would move in with her daughter and live with her until the mid 1940's.
    Will Vanderburg
    26th NCT


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