Still cleaning out my closet and have a few more items to sell:

#1 White Soft Canvas French Corset: purchased at Abraham's Lady 1-2 Years ago. Purchase Price $95, asking price $65 - Worn only once. Fits 32" bust when back tied completely closed, but could fit up to 36" bust. For a short-waisted woman, torso length is 8 1/2". Center front 11 1/2", center back 10".

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/CORSET_1.jpg

#2 Natural Canvas French Corset: Asking price $55 - Worn only a few times, was to long in the torso for me. Fits up to 24" bust when back tied completely closed, but could fit up to a 28" bust. Torso length 9", center front 12", center back 11".

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/CORSET_2.jpg

#3 Light Blue Work Dress: Simple light blue work dress with small white print. Gathered bodice. Fits up to a 34" bust and 26" waist. Been worn probably half a dozen times. Clean, well laundered. Needs buttons replaced with bone buttons. Missing one button. Would work well as a starter dress. Asking price: $70.00.

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/BLUE_WORK_DRESS.jpg

#4: Family Heirloom Weaver Table Square/Throw: 44" square light/dark brown table square throw. Would make a nice table cloth or table cover at an event. Never used. Still has original tag. This pattern has been discontinued by Heirloom Weavers. Asking price $40. Spots in picture are from dust exposure on camera.

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/COVERLET.jpg

#5: Dark Blue Wool Knitted Sontag: Purchased at S&S Sutler several years ago. On the smaller size. Worn only a few times. Purchase Price $75, asking price $45.

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/BLUE_SONTAG.jpg

#6: Tan/Natural Knitted Sontag: Purchased several years ago. Too wide in the shoulders for me. Worn once. Not sure if wool or cotton. Asking price $35.

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/LIGHT_BROWN_SONTAG.jpg

#7: Cotton Knitted Shawl: Purchased several year's ago at Abraham's Lady. Purchase price $95, asking price $45.

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/BLACK_G...TTED_SHAWL.jpg

#8: Large Wool Antique Double Shawl/Blanket: Purchased originally at antique market in Lancaster, Pa. Probably Amish in origin. Some small condition issues. A few holes, small piece of fabric cut out of one corner. Huge and warm. I've used it from everything from a shawl to a blanket. Nice border weave that looks nice when folded as a triangular shawl. Measures 64" wide x 130" long plus 3" fringe on all sides. Purchase price $150, asking price $100. All the spots in the picture are dust from the camera. I apologize for the exposure. Could not keep them out of the picture that day.

Picture here: http://www.labelle-femme.com/SHAWL.jpg

If anyone is interested please email me at handstitchlady@yahoo.com. If you pay by paypal, I can still get any wanted items to you by Remembrance Day if needed.

Samantha Rife
Gettysburg, PA