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Thread: Medals of Honor at Vicksburg

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    Post Medals of Honor at Vicksburg

    Here is the story of Louis Renninger of the 37th Ohio.

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    I'm presently reading about that very battle where Renninger and other members of the Forelorn Hope earned their medals. One of the others mentioned in the story is Pvt. Jerome Morford of Co. K, 55th Illinois Infantry. He's buried at Riverton Crest Cemetery about five miles from my house. I've been to the grave of Cpl. John Warden of Co. E, 55th Illinois Infantry, who is buried at the Old Soldier's home in nearby Orting. Unfortunately, I didn't know the circumstances about how he earned his medal at the time.

    I'm intending to make a special trip to that particular area of the battlefield and walking the route taken by the Forelorn Hope. It's because of Pvt. Morford that I've got an interest in this particualr area of the battlefield. Here's a photo of his stone :

    Here's Cpl - later Lt. - Warden's stone :

    - Silas Tackitt

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    Default Stockade Redan Assault

    I've been told that area holds the record in US military history for the most Medals of Honor won in a single location: 84, during both the May 19, 1863 and May 22, 1863 assaults.
    Mike Bryant
    8th Missouri Infantry, US
    Vicksburg, Mississippi


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