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  1. Join the Department of the Pacific, Federal Battalion (Northern Nevada & California)

    The DPFB is currently recruiting ALL impressions! Open Units include:

    2nd New Jersey Artillery

    81st & 140th Pennsylvania Infantry

    3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry (Dismounted)

    Civilians and other...
  2. Virginia City, NV Civil War Event May 25-26, 2013

    150th Anniversary of the Formation of the 1st Battalion, Nevada Volunteer Cavalry

    This is a Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Sesquicentennial Event honoring the formation of Nevada's FIRST...
  3. Federal Reenacting Group in Northern Nevada

    The Department of the Pacific, Federal Battalion (DPFB) has formed in the Reno, NV area as of June 2012. The Battalion consists of Infantry, Artillery, Sharpshooters and Dismounted Cavalry....
  4. Major 2012 Events

    Our two largest events this year include:

    Carson City Rendezvous 6/8-10/12

    Battle Born Days 10/25-28/12...
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    Website for Event


    Here is the website link for the Civil War portion of this event. please join us!
  6. Nevada Update


    Here is our 2012 Calendar:

    Also, an article on our ne Artillery Unit:
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    Updated Battle Born Days Information


    The Battle Born Days Website is up and running:

    Also, here is a blog on the event:...
  8. Recruiting in Northern Nevada/Northern California ALL Impressions

    To Arms! 2012 is shaping up to be a big year in Northern Nevada for ACW Reenactors. Battle Born Civil War Reenactors is recruiting for ALL impressions. We are a family friendly reenacting community...
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    Nevada Civil War 2012

    The Battle Born Civil War Reenactors of Carson City, NV will be hosting "Battle Born Days 2012" . This is an all-wars event with Civil War Battles twice a day for three days. We have invited the CSS...
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