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  1. WTB worn out brogans, low cost brogans for a display mannequinn

    need a pair of brogans, size not important cost is, just needed for a display dummy not for wear, if you have any please email
  2. still looking for overalls or makers thanks

    still looking for overalls or makers thanks
  3. WTB large overalls any conditon and/or battle-oversirt

    Looking for a set of large overalls or shirt for a large man any condition,
  4. Thread: Vocab question

    by reb64

    We just called it "cowboys and indians", "yanks and rebs", "cops and robbers" as kids

    Were just somewhat grown up kids still playing ,but doing it so much more costly these days.
  5. Thread: Lincoln

    by reb64

    should have shown licoln isuing exections sentences for starving native americans

    so concerned about Lincoln was for native americans, he is responsible for the largest mas exection in us history. and he used the "n" word alot
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    jean wool

    Interested sent pm, or please send pics if possible to
  7. No markings on ped. sharps carbine? as anyone done it or knowof who does?

    I recently purchased a carbine,(ped. sharps), patchbox model, that is devoid of any markings: date, maker, cal. etc. I would think it would make it more authentic and stand out or has this been...
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    The knapsack has leather sewn bosses covering the...

    The knapsack has leather sewn bosses covering the chest strap swivels,; is that a late war add on? Looks great in any case.
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    Just looking to buy one, sounds like like your buying...

    thanks for looking but it sounds like your buying, Im not selling but looking as well.
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    WTB-sharps carbine

    WTB sharps carbine, any shape for display/prop use.
  11. 1863?

    Is it marked so, sans patchbox? Looking for a early one, but could retro fit one. pm
  12. Looking for pre war sharps carbine, size 12 boots any shape considered

    Looking for these two items , any shape considered
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    wanted to rent-sharps carbine 1850's model

    Can't find one to buy, anyone willing to rent me one for a month?
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    what a sight to see, imagine that coming down on...

    what a sight to see, imagine that coming down on ya, and youll learn to appreciate the springfield 69.!
  15. Just refreshing wtb-bump

    Still looking , thanks
  16. WTB early war sharps carbine or other carbines

    Looking for a early war carbine or pre war, can be a beater for local event. sold one in past, regrettably now need one again.
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    back pockets on trousers/ pant

    Out jayhawking and treasure hunting today and found a pair of woolen trousers at a thrift that would be period correct if the back pockets were. I mean the the trousers were side seam front pockets,...
  18. Steamboat Arabia Museum/collection in Kansas City

    Finally visited this museum after living here 15 years and was amazed at the amount and types of almost pristine wares of the period, pulled up from the wreck of a steamboat in a mo riverbed over a...
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    This reminds me of the ol pegged/not pegged rough out/smooth out/sewn top or hand

    25 years into this and it still amazes me, the little things.
  20. WTB- touser buckle, kepi buckle, kepi visors, straps or kepi pattern

    Can't seem to find my stash of loose things and a pattern I had years ago. before I buy new, just asking if any of these things are out there. found a bag of 10 cast I buttons if anyone needs any....
  21. thanks for the info and kepi maker sources

    thanks for the tips, and with a understanding of the issue system at the time, i do have just enough to make a kepi, or two. not enough for much else.
  22. Kepi makers using my supplied material, know of any who will?

    Dont know if this is the right spot, but Im looking for a kepi maker willing to use the jean material I have. I need a matching kepi for a issue look and its not my best scratch built item. any...
  23. Okay 20$ mailed, or ill be tempted to keep it and...

    Okay 20$ mailed, or ill be tempted to keep it and make some vests and kepis and sell them myself. 36"x48"
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    WTB 5-7 yards osnaberg, less fine

    Looking for some decent jacket lining, preferred- osnaberg 2-5 up to 7 yards needed.
  25. 1 yard cassimere jean cloth, gray on white warp, nice pronounced weave,

    A very nice piece of material, enough for a few vests or caps. Can't locate maker or I would have ordered more to make trousers with it, but obviously a quality producer. pics
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