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  1. wts sz 48 rd2 ben tart jean wool

    Bought second hand from a seller who said he made this from Ben Tart jean wool for 150th Gburg, never worn since. Button holes and visible stitching by hand.

    $160 obo

    Free shipping lower 48
  2. #s 8 and 9 sold Open to offers on the rest. ...

    #s 8 and 9 sold

    Open to offers on the rest. Will lower prices on multiple items. Its all gotta go so email me if you like something, I'm sure we can work something out....
  3. Assorted Military, civilian items

    updated list and prices... make an offer, it's all gotta go

    May 2015 Sale
    All prices include shipping to lower 48 and paypal fees. Lower prices on combined items. Makers noted when known. Open...
  4. price drop 1)$125 2)$40

    price drop


  5. wts high end cs shell jacket and sutler row fed officer trousers


    1) Sz 48 Shell Jacket by Michael Comer. New never used. $165 free shipping lower 48

    2) Sz 46 Sutler row inf officer trousers (braces not included) $55 free shipping lower 48

  6. mods please close this thread

    mods please close this thread
  7. Looking for citizen/rebel trousers 44/46 x 30...

    Looking for Sz 44/46 x 30 or so Wool broadcloth/Jean/Sattinette/cashmere trousers. Prefer civilian. Prefer used not abused but on a budget and short time frame so Ill consider anything.

    I can...
  8. What kind of experience are you looking for? ...

    What kind of experience are you looking for? Casual camp life with a powder burning battle or two or an immersive 1860s military experience?
  9. Looking for sz 12 boots and sz 48 civilian pattern vest

    Title says all...

    email me

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    WTB Federal Sword Belt 48"

    email me if you have one for sale
  11. sold pending funds

    sold pending funds
  12. $325 obo free shipping

    $325 obo free shipping
  13. open to offers and trades on high end acw gear,...

    open to offers and trades on high end acw gear, uniforms, and civilian clothing
  14. WTS High end CS Double breasted officer frock

    I have one size 46-48 Confederate double breasted officer frock coat largely hand sewn out of Family Heirloom Weaver's satinette fabric.

    Fully lined, tail pockets, all the bells and...
  15. Looking for a "Hathaway Patent Writing Case" or something similar.

    Email me if you have something for sale

    Bob Martin
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    WTB Federal NCO Belt 48"

    email me if you have one for sale

  17. Looking to buy CS/US uniform items

    I'm looking for the following. Coat sized 48, trousers 44 with min inseam of 30. Paypal only please.

    Federal Fatigue Blouse

    Federal Enlisted Frock

    Richmond Depot 2
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    WTB Federal Blanket

    I'm looking for a federal blanket, preferably a Sekela.

    Email me if you have one for sale.
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    WTS 42-44 X 32 Jean trousers

    Unknown maker, bought second hand, new unused condition. Jean cloth trousers. Interior stitches machine. All visible and buttonholes by hand. Sz 42-44 X 32 inseam. $100 free shipping lower 48. ...
  20. Looking for a wool civilian pattern vest Sz 48

    Looking for a wool vest Sz 48. Not real picky, just want to avoid the blue and gray ones.

    Email me

  21. Interested. Email me


    Email me
  22. WTS Armi sport 1861 Springfield $575


    Armisport 1861 Springfield Rifled-musket.

    Good, reliable weapon. Missing one sling swivel and the middle barrel band spring has been replaced by an original.

    $575 plus shipping.

  23. WTB sz 44 CS or Citizen trousers

    Looking for sz 44 CS or Citizen trousers. Condition unimportant. Cheaper the better.

    Email me
  24. 1) $70 2) spf

    1) $70

    2) spf
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    All but LT insignia sold

    All but LT insignia sold
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