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    Hi Jari, Thanks for remembering Don. Many...

    Hi Jari,

    Thanks for remembering Don. Many people do not know how hard Don worked behind the scenes to make really good events a reality. I'll never forget before one McDowell event where Don...
  2. 150th Brawner Farm Living History - Manassas National Battlefield Park. VA

    Hi Folks,

    Feel like breaking out the wool in advance of the Maryland Campaign activities?? Well you may be in luck. My comrades in Co. C Federal Army will be portraying the 2nd Wisconsin of the...
  3. Event Update - I am pleased to report that a...

    Event Update - I am pleased to report that a great living history group has agreed to form a second Union company for this event. I think that there is still room for individuals and small messes...
  4. As a former CR, I truly appreciate the...

    As a former CR, I truly appreciate the contribution that they and other PL member units made in the areas of authenticity and in sponsoring really great events.


  5. Glendale to Malvern Hill March

    Hi Bitter,

    Thanks for the good words about the event. I am not sure about the status of VA SR 156 being closed at this time (as I am in MD), but the Rangers at Richmond National Battlefield Park...
  6. Living History Event - 150th Glendale and Malvern Hill - June 29 - July 1, 2012

    Hi Folks,

    My unit (Co. C of the Federal Army) has been asked to raise a 50 man Union contingent to support the 150th Anniversary events at the Glendale and Malvern Hill units of Richmond National...
  7. The Destruction of the Arsenal at Harpers Ferry

    150 years ago tonight, the small garrison of US Mounted Riflemen stationed at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, destroyed the US Arsenal and burned the US Musket Factory in order to prevent weapons and...
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    More on 15th Mass Weapons at Ball's Bluff

    From the Ball's Bluff testimony of Col. Devens to the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War:

    "I said to the officers and to the men—a great many of them—" Every man may now take care of...
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    Documented 15th Mass information

    From “The Story of the FIFTEENTH REGIMENT
    Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

    “July 17 [1861], new overcoats, knapsacks and canteens reached...
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    Weapons for Massachusetts Troops

    Hi Chris,

    The 15th Massachusetts flank companies carried rifled-muskets. The other eight companies carried smoothbore muskets. There was much complaining about the inferiority of the...
  11. Hey Schapps....

    ... you really want to fall in with me and the fellers from Co. C... as we plan to portray Co. C of the 20th Massachusetts. Yes... mainly german immigrants under the command of Captain Ferdinand...
  12. Ball's Bluff Uniforms and Equipment - 15th Massachusetts

    Hi Folks,

    In addition to what has been posted on the California Regiment by Silas Tacket, I have also been doing a little digging here myself on uniforms and equipment carried by units in the...
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    I will only speak about the quality of the product. I have owned a pair for many years. They are holding up quite well.

  14. Surprising enough....

    ..most of the Battlefield is actually preserved. Only the area around the Jackson house is in private hands. CWPT has a nice map of the battlefield:
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