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    A spectator's impression of Wilson's Creek

    I am sorry that some of you were not pleased with aspects of W.C. As a SW MO native, I can say that we LOVED you all coming here and putting on a show the likes of which we had never seen. My first...
  2. Let me try this again

    I had responded several hours ago but my response never came on. Anyway here is the image, sorry about it not showing up before:
  3. let's see if this works

    I am going to try to use Photobucket instead of Facebook to host the image. Here it is: I would love to hear whatever you can tell me about it.
  4. Best Cavalry Jacket for 1st ARK Union Cav.?

    I am trying to find the right jacket that matches a photo of my gr-gr-gr-grandfather who was in the 1st ARK Union Cav Co E. Most things look the same as what I see on the various sutler's websites,...
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