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    Hi. Those things fetch a pretty high price, even...

    Hi. Those things fetch a pretty high price, even used, if you can find one. I looked for a few months with no luck, just ordered mine directly from Nick last week, it's $465 complete. May just...
  2. piping?

    Hi, could you please tell us what the light blue piping is made of? Difficult to tell in the photos. On repros, I've seen wool piping, worsted wool tape piping, cotton twill tape pining, and a sort...
  3. WTB Federal overcoat (mounted pattern)

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a federal overcoat, mounted version, in a size 40-42. Really don't care how thrashed it is if the price is fair, probably won't be using it too much out here in sunny So...
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    Sharps sold yet?

    Hi, if you still have the carbine for sale, please let me know, Definitely looking to buy. Thanks much,
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