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  1. Fall in with the 4th TN cav

    Guys. You can fall in with Lt. Col. Matthew Mallory and the 4th TN Cavalry dismounted for first day as part of Archer's Brigade. Call Matt at 256-468-0006

    2nd Lt. Roger Pelletier
    10th Confederate...
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    North Carolina Depot was issued to Longstreet's Corps

    Prior to Chickamauga, Longstreet's Corps made a stop in Charlotte where new uniforms were distributed from the North Carolina Depot. The buttons from where they were cut off the new uniforms were...
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    Wanted Recruits for TN Cavalry


    Over the last year I have been seeking to ressurect Carter's 1st TN Cavalry Reg't. Co. A here in Rhea County TN. If you are interested you may call me or contact me.

    Roger Pelletier...
  4. Skirmish at Rhea Springs, TN May31-June 2, 2013

    This spring if you are wanting to try a new event, you can make a trip to Spring City, TN for the skirmish at Rhea Springs. The event is open to reenactors of cavalry and infantry. The event...
  5. 150th Wheeler's Raid up the Sequatchie.

    Location Dayton, TN Rhea County Fairgrounds
    Dates TBA tentative Oct. 4, 5, 6, 2013
    Setup camp Friday
    Time of Battle 2PM Saturday and Sunday

    Contact Persons: Roger Pelletier commanding the 1st...
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