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    I think I maybe, but my GGG grandfather fought...

    I think I maybe, but my GGG grandfather fought with the 13th Kentucky cavalry, they started out as the 10th mounted rifles but were redesignated the 13th Kentucky cavalry when they were mustered into...
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    Looking for recruits and troopers

    I am putting together a confederate mounted cavalry unit, I am looking for troopers, artillerymen and mounted or dismounted cavalry/ mounted infantry. I am located about 54 miles southwest of...
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    Sir how much is the Halter, lead strap and link...

    Sir how much is the Halter, lead strap and link strap set?? please email may me at ffcouch1193@yahoo.comI may be interested in both sets sir. I don't get on this sight very often but my email is...
  4. Just ordered a pair from your site cant wait to...

    Just ordered a pair from your site cant wait to get them
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    Try they have steel frame 1858 new army revolvers with starter kits for 229.00 I bought both of mine from them.
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    WTB brown jean trousers and kepi

    Im looking for a pair of brown jean trousers size 30 to 32 waiste and a brown jean wool kepi size 7 to 7 1/8.
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    I have used mill creek for uniforms and leathers,...

    I have used mill creek for uniforms and leathers, there uniforms are top notch, they use a 20 ounce wool instead of 18 or 19 ounce, more durable. I have never had a problem with them or there...
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    stuff for sale?

    Is the headstall, halter and surcingle still available? Can you send pics to
    Thanks- D couch
  9. funds on the way

    The funds are on the way you should have them by monday, please let me know when you receive them. My son is excited about this carbine, thank you for your time sir
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    Is the carbine still available?

    Is the carbine still available?
  11. wondering about the smith

    I tried to send you a PM, not sure if you got it or not. Any way I was wondering if it is still available, I sent you and Email also. Thank you

    D Couch
  12. need address

    I have sent you a couple Emails and have had no reponse from you. First I hope everything is alright with you. I need an address to send the money for the Smith. If you could call me at 912...
  13. carbine for sale?

    Yes I was wondering if the carbine is still for sale? I'd be interested if it is, if you could just email me at or call me at 912 256 0713 I'd greatly appreciate it

  14. smith

    Ill take it! My email is my number is 912 256 0713,
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    wtb cavalry carbine

    I'm looking for an 1859 or 1863 sharps carbine or a smith carbine, used but not abused. You can pm me here, reply or email me at
  16. smith carbine

    Is the smith for sale still? Please send pics to, I am extremely interested
  17. cav equipment

    Thank you for your responses, I haven't been on here in a while do to my work schedule. I'm really looking for a confederate head stall (preferably black) but brown or russet will be ok too, with...
  18. re: web site

    Thank you for the web site MR.Knopp, I check it out almost daily. I am looking forward to getting your book as well, I'm betting there is a lot of good stuff and info in it, I love that web site too,...
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    I am in the 1st alabama cavalry, cleburnes div,...

    I am in the 1st alabama cavalry, cleburnes div, my name is trooper D Couch. I can put you in contact with the unit and answer any questions you may have. You can pm here call me @ 912 256 0713 or by...
  20. headstall,reins and 1863 bit

    Can you send me or post some pics??
  21. WTB cavalry horse tack confederate or federal

    I'm looking for a confederate hallter, bridle, bit, reins and even saddle, confederate mcclellan style. I'm looking for used equipment at used prices if anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate...
  22. looling for troopers in the savnnah area

    I am in search of anyone in the reenacting community that lives in or around the savannah area. I am in the 1st Alabama, cleburnes division and was wondering if there is any other cavalry troopers...
  23. looking for a good unit in alabama, join the cavalry!

    The 1st Alabama Cavalry, GREAT ladies and gents! We have mounted or dismouted cavalry. We strive for accuracy in our portrayal of confederate and union (sometimes) cavalry man but not to the extent...
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    Federal cavalry

    My name is Donald Couch, I am a trooper in the 1st Alabama cav,cleburnes div,CSA/ 2nd US cavalry regulars. I live in jesup Ga, which is about 5 hours south of you, I'm always looking to ride and...
  25. revise earlier post

    I am looking for anyone interested in joining the 1st alabama cavalry, cleburnes division, who live in the south east georgia area. I am a trooper in the 1st alabama cav and am looking for anyone...
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